Canara Hydraulics being the leading manufacturer of hydraulics ensures that we are equipped with all the machineries and resources required to deliver products with an excellent quality and at the right time

Canara Hydraulics is spread over an area of 40,000 sq. ft. and is well equipped with all modern facilities and machineries required for manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems. With these facilities and highly skilled men, we are able to satisfy customer needs with the best of quality and timely delivery

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of engineers in Marketing, Design, Purchase, Quality Assurance and Production Planning and Control who always endeavour to provide complete satisfaction to customers in terms of Quality, Price and Timely Delivery


  • CNC & VMC: We have dedicated machineries for Tubes, Rod and Components which is able to ensure precision of these components
    Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer Machines CNC & VMC Machines in Canara Hydraulic
  • Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machines & Honing: These machineries ensure that the tube bore is precise and has a super finish which is a vital in any Hydraulic Cylinder
    Canara Hydraulic Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machines Canara Hydraulic Skiving and Honing
  • Robotic Welding: Welding being a critical process we ensure that this process is almost-free from any human error and hence we have installed robotic welding machines which augments to our quality
  • Jet-Washing Machine: To ensure, that the tubes and components are clean and dust-free we have two washing machines to clean tubes and components respectively.
    Canara Hydraulic Jet-Washing Machine


Hydraulic Cylinders must be free from dust and other particles. To adhere to this statement, we have built a dust-free assembly area which ensures that the cylinders are free from dust particles.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in India Canara Hydraulic dust-free assembly area


Our Hydraulic Test Rigs has the ability to test the cylinders with a Pump Flow of 70+70 LPM at 50 bar and 8 LPM at pressure of 400 bar. We are also developing an Endurance Testing and Impulse Testing Rigs in our facility which will further strengthen our quality.

Canara Hydraulic Test Rigs India


We have a Semi-Automated Painting facility with conveyor system which deposits the paint uniformly on the surface of the cylinder and we also have an Oven which ensures that the cylinders are dried quickly.

Single Acting Cylinder Manufacturers in India Single Acting Cylinder Manufacturers in India

R & D Department

Our R&D Department consists of Experienced and Highly Qualified Professionals, using latest software in developing solutions for betterment in Quality and have supported the company by creating a range of products to the latest needs of the Industry.

We ensure that our products are long-lasting with excellent performance to meet the expectations of our clients. Our strategy is to continually improve the quality and range of products by analyzing new trends in the user sectors